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Summer 2022 Pawscopes

Summer 2022 Pawscopes
Summer 2022 Pawscopes
Summer is a perfect excuse to really enjoy some quality time with our little fur babies. It seems as soon as Memorial Day arrives, you can start to feel the fun energy and the pull to focus on leisure pursuits. Our little pals can sense the change of the seasons and sense our excitement that snowballs and seersucker are back in style. Based on our astrological signs, we’ll each prefer our own special flavor of fun, and our pets are no different.

I’m going to be suggesting some specific ways to enhance playtime with our four footers based on the zodiac. No worries if you don’t have your pet’s actual birthdate; I write these horoscopes to align with the birthdate of when your baby came into your life or their GOTCHA day. I truly believe that our animals are our kindred spirits and that they are also our angels, and nothing gives them more joy than to spend time with us in mutual appreciation of the joys of life.

ARIES – Me – Me – Me is the cry of every Aries. They are natural-born leaders and need the attention their status deserves. Your Aries will prefer to play and hang with you alone so they have you all to themselves.

TAURUS – If you want your Taurus to feel extra special, give them treats regularly and put them in luxury surrounds. While quite strong they find physical exertion without purpose annoying.

GEMINI – The party is over here is the motto of every Gemini I know. They love playdates and dog parks and anything social. They can entertain themselves but do well in packs where they can mix and mingle.

CANCER – Home is where the heart is. Your Cancerian will be the happiest ruling their own roost. Social types, but they prefer to stay on their own turf and entertain others. They play well with youngish and have a maternal streak.

LEO – Is there a pet contest happening around town? Your Leo will love to dress up and be the center of attention. Usually quite striking in appearance, one of their favorite treats is to be groomed and made a fuss over. VIRGO – Do you have a furbaby that stays right by your side and shivers when a storm is passing through? Could be you are sharing your life with a Virgo. They are nervous by nature and have the best time staying in your lap.

LIBRA – The heartbreakers of the zodiac, Libras are charming and social. Is there a pet-friendly happy hour nearby? This is the ideal environment for them to socialize and get the engagement they need. They do best when they have a partner.

SCORPIO – Loners by nature and a bit possessive, your Scorpio will want you to focus just on them and spend your time reassuring them that you are THEIR person. Tending to possess a serious demeanor, they make excellent guardians.

SAGITTARIUS – The best thing that you can do for your Saggy is to bring them to a natural environment. Hiking, camping and long walks in the woods are their ideas of heaven, and an easy gift that you can give them to thrive.

CAPRICORN – Want to take a road trip? Then this is your co-pilot. Capricorns have untold reserves of stamina and can handle any situation they encounter. They appear cool and often detached, but they have a fierce loyalty.

AQUARIUS – This sign is perhaps the quirkiest of the Zodiac. They can often find fun in the strangest of places. You have to watch out for their wanderlust as they are known to be runners. Keep them on a leash or in familiar surrounds.

PISCES – The most mellow environment is where your Pisces likes to be. Their idea of a good time is to stay in bed all day and cuddle with you. It doesn’t take much to please them except rubs on the chest and belly.
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