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Spring 2021 PawScopes

Spring 2021 PawScopes
Spring 2021 PawScopes
Taurus – 20 April – 21 May
Taurus is perhaps the most sensual sign in the zodiac. They are ruled by touch, taste, sound and vision and are more sensitive to their environment than others. Your baby needs the creature comforts and will respond well to being spoiled with the finer things in life. They will not respond well to sudden change in routine and surrounds. Always go slow with them in learning new things as they are very stubborn and prefer to go at their own pace. Ruled by the love planet Venus, they are true romantics and show affection easily. When all else fails give them treats and it will work every time to win them over. They also love being in nature and need some grass of their own to feel settled.

Gemini – 21 May – 21 June
These four footers are full of energy and excitement and are open for adventure. If you want a playful pal then this is your choice. From morning till night they will keep you entertained and amazed. Very smart and quick in their thinking the most important thing is not to let them get bored. They will flourish in social situations and are friendly by nature. They also travel well if you are a globe trotter. They tend to do better when they have a furry sibling. This is the sign of the twins and they prefer to have company. Provide lots of variety of play and let them get their energy in physical activity. Very smart and capable of learning new things. Also they can be very vocal.

Cancer – 21 June – 23 July
Cancers are the ultimate emotional support pets. They live to make you feel better. They are nurturing, empathic and can truly sense how you feel and comfort you. If you’re looking for cuddles when you’re feeling down and out then this is your sign. They are also super protective of their home and people. Nobody better mess with you on their watch. They can be moody too but will not stay in their moods for long. This sign will also react to full moons as they are ruled by that planet and can feel the ebb and flow of the lunar cycles. They can feel clingy and will bond very deeply with you. Cautious but loyal once they know you’re safe then they can open up and allow others close to you. Give them plenty of assurance that everything is ok.

Leo- 23 July – 23 August
The most regal of the astrological signs, your Leo baby will have a certain swagger and star quality. Think of lions and the power that they command. They are the kings and queens of the jungle and if you have one of these noble souls in your care you will feel like you are in the presence of royalty. They will rule you and you willingly go along with that just to bask in the glory of their fabulousness. Their coats are usually full and silky and they have an overall glow because they are ruled by the Sun. Make sure you make a fuss over them and they respond well to praise. Not shy, they will dominate and lead the pack and need to feel they are in charge. Alpha by nature they often thrive in single pet homes where they get all the attention to themselves.
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