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PAWSCOPES - January – February – March 2023

PAWSCOPES - January – February – March
PAWSCOPES - January – February – March
How did this year fly by so quickly? Feels like we were just celebrating Halloween and the beginning of the New Year is here. New Year’s is a time full of starts, and in this issue, I’m going to focus on new things you can do with your fur babies, based on their astrological signs, that will help you connect on an even deeper level with them. Each astrological sign has its unique ways of enjoying life. Here are some tips to really suit your fur babies astro sign that will make them feel truly appreciated and pampered.

No worries if you don’t have your pet’s actual birthdate. I write these horoscopes to align with the birthdate of when your baby came into your life, or their “GOTCHA” day. I truly believe that our animals are our kindred spirits, that they are also our angels, and nothing gives them more joy than to spend time with us in mutual appreciation of the joys of life.

Aries – Aries all need to be the center of attention. Whether 4-footed or 2-footed, they all want to be the stars of the show. There is a growing trend of hosting parties for pets, and your little ram would absolutely love to have all eyes on them and have all their pals celebrating with them. Pick a party theme and help your baby be the host or hostess with the mostest.

Taurus – “Gimme all the good stuff!” is the Taurean motto. They absolutely require to be spoiled with all of the luxuries available to fur babies. There are many ways that we can heap on the best for the best, and one way is to create a pet spa day. Whether you take them to a professional groomer or create a spa day at home, your baby is going to relish in a bubble bath and a manicure.

Gemini – No animal is more social than a one that identifies with the sign of the twins. They are super dependent on the stimulation of multiple pets all together. Doggy Daycare was pretty much created with these social beings in mind. There are even cat cafés now where you can take your kitty to mix and mingle with other babies. Set up a playdate and they’ll be stimulated and grateful.

Cancer – Little crab babies are all about the home—home sweet home. They love spending time with you, and especially love you fussing over their cuisine. Many folks are opting to make homemade pet foods, and there is some compelling data showing that this may be better for them in the long run. Take a look on the interwebs for some delicious and nutritious recipes.

Leo – Leos are the superstars of the zodiac and always love to be treated like celebrities. With social media, many pets are becoming influencers themselves with huge followings. For your little model, one thing they will enjoy is playing dress-up and having you or a photographer make them center stage. They will definitely be ready for their close up and puperazzi.

Virgo – Little Virgo babies are all about the practical when it comes to signs from loved ones that they care about them. While we always take care of our annual medical care, other things can fall through the cracks. Dental care for pets is important for their wellbeing and your Virgo baby will really appreciate that you care enough about them to seek proper care.

Libra – The sign of justice is also the sign of love, and every Libra is always needing a partner and a little romance and togetherness with a breed of their own. Do you have any friends with pets? Arranging for some playdates would be a true gift to your fur baby. Check out dog parks too as a way to introduce some company into your pet’s life. Thinking about adding a new member to the family is good too.

Scorpio – Scorpios are without a doubt the most sensuous of the zodiac signs. They love to cuddle all day long and be close to their mommas/poppas. Animals are very sensitive to touch and respond well to intentional petting. Many masseuses have started working with furbabies as they crave the connection of human tough. Reiki is another sensual experience your pet will love.

Sagittarius – The sign of the centaur is naturally athletic. Being half-human and half-horse makes them very agile and fast. This is an animal sign that really has difficulty sitting still and responds well to being taken on hikes and walks. If you can find an open lot that is safe and secure, your babies, whether canine or feline, with enjoy the free time with you.

Capricorn – These are the old souls of the zodiac and have a noble quality about them. Have you ever wondered about the exact make up of your dog and what makes them tick? There are DNA tests now that allow you to see the exact background of your pup. They will have them for kitties someday soon too. Knowing your baby’s background really helps to understand.

Aquarius – The Water Bearer is another extremely social sign. These babies crave busy environments and love to play. They don’t tend to shy away from being in crowds and can get taken to festivals and art markets and fit in with ease. They can be quirky and definitely need to recharge their batteries from time to time, but all-in-all are so fun.

Pisces – Pisces is the most sensitive and intuitive sign in both the human and the pet zodiac. Very deep and emotional, they can feel everything you're feeling and it can be a bit much. They also respond very deeply to their surroundings and need a sanctuary where they can hide. Create a little special place and they’ll be the happiest and feel the most loved.
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