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Winter 2021 Pawscopes

Winter 2021 Pawscopes
Winter 2021 Pawscopes
Sagittarius is the sign of half-man/half-beast, the Centaur. All pets born in the holiday time have a lot of human qualities and a bestial nature. They are deep creatures and old souls. When you gaze in your wee one’s eyes, you will see their very core looking back at you. Always happy, these babies are filled with natural joy and curiosity. They are the very definition of living in the now, and we can learn a lot about mindfulness from them. All Saggy species are also very physical beings and enjoy running freely. Cat or dog, get that bungie leash and take them exploring so they can burn off energy. They are full of charm and always have a beautiful mane. All Centaurs have a habit of shaking the fur on their head like a horse and have an athletic build with beautiful muscle tone. Loyal and optimistic, your Sagittarius will be that very bestest bestie that always makes your heart smile. While true to their person, they do well with companion animals. The more the merrier with this sign, so they love a romp at the dog park or a furry play date. Feline centaurs are among the friendliest and most playful.

CAPRICORN Dec 22–Jan 20
The Capricorn pet is the most serious of all signs. The goat, in all forms, will be an adult even when they are still very small. Does your baby do better with routine and repetition? These Capricorn kids feel that nurturing is structure. They respond well to habit, to set times for treats, feedings and play. Those born around the New Year have an elegance, too. Even when they are small and all paws, they feel like they might be an emperor or a queen. When you look at them, they seem to have an air of dignity, a depth of understanding, and a gift for helping to ground and center their people. This sign enjoys solo time more than playing in packs or with siblings. They can easily be an only pet, and do much better than most with separation issues and anxieties. As long as they are in their own space, they can easily be home while you are at work and they are rarely destructive to their own territory. They are also extremely physically hardy, and tend to live well into old age, often looking much younger than their years. They appreciate fine foods and comfortable surroundings, and take them as signs of your love and loyalty for them, which they will gladly reciprocate.

AQUARIUS Jan 21–Feb 19
Aquarius is the sign of the future, so if you feel like your little fur baby is part alien, you might be right. February pets are always striking, looking like they had their own stylists to make sure they look fabulous at every angle. These are the zany kids that wake you up in the middle of the night and sit on your keyboard while you try your best to focus, and just act goofy for the heck of it, often for no rhyme or reason. They also like to find the most imaginative places to hide, leaving you guessing where they might have run off to. As outdoor pets, they can be escape artists, so make sure to double check every nook and cranny so they don’t slip out. Known for running hot and cold emotionally, your Aquarius fur child will either be smothering you, or completely aloof. No use trying to figure them out; they embrace being enigmas and follow the beat of their own drum. They will always gravitate back to their one special person, and can easily entertain themselves because they do well as solo pets. They also love traveling and venturing to new places.
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