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Fall 2022 Pawscopes

Fall 2022 Pawscopes
Fall 2022 Pawscopes
“Where did the summer go?” is a question both humans and our fur babies are asking. Animals, perhaps more than humans, sense the seasonal shift and feel the change between summer and fall. Whether it’s the sound of the cicadas or the leaves beginning to turn, if we listen and look, we can feel autumn’s embrace. Summer is a season when we have more leisure time and tend to spend plenty of time with our pets. The fall begins to quicken our pace and we become more focused on the daily grind of work and home. As we do transition from the dog days of summer to the invigorating energy of fall, let’s remember that our little pals are adjusting too and include them in new activities centered on the season. Maybe it’s getting extra snuggles or a pumpkin treat, there are many ways we can celebrate this time of year with our four-footed friends.

No worries if you don’t have your pet’s actual birth date; I write these horoscopes to align with the date of when your baby came into your life, or their GOTCHA day. I truly believe that our animals are our kindred spirits and that they are also our angels, and nothing gives them more joy than to spend time with us in mutual appreciation of life’s joys.

ARIES – Your little ram is always so full of energy and exuberance. They will feel the friskiness in the fall air and may become even more active than usual. This is a sign that thrives on physical exertion and would love to jump into a pile of leaves or chase some squirrels.

TAURUS – The sign of the bull is very connected to nature and the turning of the seasonal wheel. Being lovers of luxury, giving them yummy treats goes a long way to help them adjust to any shift they may be sensing. This helps keep them grounded.

GEMINI – Ruled by the planet Mercury, your Gemini baby is perhaps the most comfortable with change. You may see them break out into zoomies around the house because they can feel the shift of season and it gives them an extra burst of zaniness.

CANCER – Break out the pumpkin spice latte cause this little baby is all about the cuddles. Your little moon child is the most home-centric of the signs and just loves helping you cook in the kitchen and will do their best to keep you inside over the fall.

LEO – Did you say sweater weather? Woo-hoo! There isn’t a sign that likes to be made a fuss over more than a Leo, so please get your baby some seasonal outfits to show off. Full of sunshine and personality, your lion will be the perfect Instagram model and will love every moment in the spotlight.

VIRGO – These babies are the stick-to-your-side kind of pals. Wherever you go, they will want to be right there. A little bit nervous in nature, they enjoy following you like a shadow. Always remember to reassure them that they are the very best and let them know you’ll be right back if you leave.

LIBRA – Fall is Libra time, and this sign feels like it’s in its element. Always aiming to please, your baby will be happy doing whatever makes you happy, whether that’s a walk in the park or cuddling together for a binge of your favorite show. Give them a comfy blanket and they will glow.

SCORPIO – Does your little one seem to be able to read your mind? Scorpio fur babies synch up with their humans so much so they seem to know exactly where we are at. Very tuned into the change of the season, these Halloween-time four-footers will want to sleep undercovers as days get shorter.

SAGITTARIUS – ’Tis the season for football and your little archer is a naturally born Saints fan. Gregarious and outgoing, your buddy will want to be in on the fun. If you need a mascot, look no further cause this clown-like sign will bring the enthusiasm and is the life of the party.

CAPRICORN – This is perhaps the most mature of the signs, they are known for their steadfast nature and loyalty. Even as youngin’s, they can be serious and very even-tempered. Fall often brings a return of the hustle and bustle, but this sign can be left alone, at times, without suffering from separation anxiety.

AQUARIUS – The sign of the water bearer is the most unique of all the signs. Your baby is a one-of-a-kind and likes to do things their own wonderfully weird ways. Always up for an adventure, you should intentionally keep the play going even if summer is gone.

PISCES – Known as the most sensitive sign, your child of Neptune will be deeply emotionally connected to you. Often these make the very best emotional support pets who help their people cope with the struggles of life and bring comfort and relief. If fall causes you to change your habits, they will help.
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